Cultured Stone

Cultured stone is becoming more popular everyday for both the exterior and interior decorating of homes. The stone is man-made, which makes it easy to shape while creating the look of real stone. Cultured stone is made up of cement, natural aggregates and iron-oxide pigments. The base color is blended throughout and permanent mineral oxide pigments are applied and absorbed by the stone when it is cast. In this case there will not be any change in color due to weathering.

The stone is available in more than 20 different textures and more than 100 colors. making it easy to match anything in your home or yard. One advantage of cultured stone is that it is lightweight, whereas real stones can be very heavy. This is an advantage because it means less weight is placed on your foundation. When installing brick veneer brick ledge is needed, however, with cultured stone it is not because the stones are not thick. On the back side they are flat and can be applied to most surfaces to bond extremely well. Cultured stone is usually more affordable than most natural stone products therefore giving it  a competitive edge. The installation process is usually easier than most real stone, but an experienced mason is needed to make sure the product does not look artificial.

Parsons Renovations has many years of experience in working with, and installing, cultured stone in a variety of applications.